Smooth victory after a sleepy start

After the easy wins of the past weeks, we started the game against Őrmező SE a bit deconcentrated.

Our squad was full of top defenders, but the 3-defenders system did not work very well in the first 15 minutes. The opponent’s fast strikers were able to run past us on the two wings several times. After ten minutes of play they hit the crossbar and then in the 16th minute they took the lead. It was a shitty goal. Our goalie might have drunk too much of @Peter Hegedus's brand new “cocktail” before the game… (0:1)

We reacted well to the goal and equalised within six minutes. Thanks to @Callum Irvine, who scored our first goal after @Kevin Dominic Vernooij's cross. (1:1) After that we took full control of the game. And just before the end of the first half @Daniel Ricardo Colmenares Dallos scored a beautiful goal into the far corner. (2:1)

In the second half, the quality difference between the two teams became clear. @Leopold Lovrić's goal in the 70th minute left no doubt about the win. (3:1) In the last 20 minutes, the opponents wanted nothing more than shouting and fouling. The referee probably forgot the yellow cards at home…

Finally Őrmező players were completely silenced by @Tom Bean's great goal. (4:1) Seeing this, the ref had no other idea but to blow three times into the whistle.

MOTM was @Daniel Harasztos. He was like a Porsche engine. Unstoppable, dynamic, powerful and reliable on both sides of the pitch.

It was not the day we played the best. But I liked the team’s fighting spirit and the reaction after the opponent’s goal. No panic, no blaming each other but fighting harder and support our teammates.

Well done guys!

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