By Giorgio Ravagli

A game we mostly dominated and were able to win, despite a few lapses which could have cost us.

The first 10 minutes were our most prolific, the first goal (nice first touch i believe) coming 3 minutes after kick off from Jose, who was also involved in the second goal shortly afterwards, when he assisted Kevin who hit the target from inside the box.

We didn't have to wait long for a third goal, thanks to a nice long pass by Daniel and an equally nice chest control by Peter who then put the ball past the goalie in the 10th minute.

Only a couple of minutes later, as if to try and spice things up cause our night seemed way too easy up to that point, we conceded a goal due to a defensive inattention. But these things happen!

Only 3 minutes later and our opponents brilliantly seized a free kick opportunity from outside the box and misfortune came upon us, goalkeeper Andrea Pesaresi hitting the post to his left, which forced him to leave the pitch and seek medical attention.

With great team spirit, Francisco (aka Fabien Barthez) offered to replace Andrea in the goal and managed to keep a clean sheet and his mental sanity, despite some self-talking as a strategy to endure the particularly cold whether until the final whistle.

Before Lewy replaced Peter before half-time, the latter, who very kindly took it upon himself to escort our injured goalie to the hospital, (quoting Matt) "hit the crossbar with a wicked free-kick" which Mark then tried to capitalise upon with a volley, only for the ball to unfortunately fly off target.

In the second half, Giorgio and Dancho came on from the bench and attempted to keep the ball moving and the pressure high to take the result home. Some good chances were created but we struggled to find the net. Our opponent came really close to scoring a third goal in what was probably their only opportunity during the second half.

Our fourth and final goal came from Lewy's nice cross from the right wing, which found Francis in the box and he hit the target in the 79th minute with a first, sliding touch, that the goalkeeper barely saw.

We took home the 3 points, which is what matters at the end, and that was thanks to some good spells of football. But last night was also a lesson to try and keep things simple and not let the opponent dictate the intensity of our game.

Final result: Csabagyöngye 2-4 Budapest Celtic FC.

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