Updated: Sep 9, 2021

By Andris Szabó

Goals: 22’ @Tom BeanTom Bean (assist: @Kevin Dominic Vernooij, penalty); 45’ @Francis Asisi (assist: @Giorgio Rezzonico-Gervasoni)

Team: Bence – Dani, Tom B, Andris, Hegedus – Giorgio, Lewy, Andres, Francis – Fran (Matt)- Kevin

MOTM: @Szomor Bence, he was self-assured in the goal, picked up everything on his way, saved a penalty. Mention to @Francisco Diaz Ruiz, @Giorgio Rezzonico-Gervasoni whom had very good spells, especially in first half

The positives first

Celtic is BACK in the BLSZ, after a 16-year hiatus!! Even two weeks ago this seemed an impossible task. Big shout out for everyone that made this happen, especially Matthew Watson-Broughton 👏👏👏👏

Fran was back after being out for 1.5 years, Peter Hegedus is back after almost half a year and well done to all the 12 lads that managed to get all the paperwork, medical and put the effort to join the first game. We always knew it was going to be a stretch getting a fully registered team out, but this did go down to the wire.

It’s a big positive that for example this team had their best line-up up, yet we are nowhere close on getting our best squad out yet due to various reasons. With further team members coming in we will be improving, that I am sure of.

We could have won this game and by a fine margin too, but we couldn’t find the killer blow, we were a bit rusty in the back and knackered towards the end, with only one sub

The Game

In a microcosm, this game was what are we should expect from the league. Relatively organised side (5 subs), with a couple of decent players, who can produce some magic (see their second goal) not too physical, losing the legs towards the end and dodgy refereeing.

Let’s get the refereeing out of the way: the guy was overwhelmed by the occasion (he must have been about 18-19, he blew at the slightest body-on-body contact, he made a massive blunder not letting advantage after their goalie handled the ball outside the box and with Kevin clear on goal after it (only then giving a yellow to the goalie), giving them a very soft penalty to them in the first half.. the list would be long. However we have to put this aside for the future games and fair play to everyone containing themselves and despite all this we could have won the game.

The first half started as usually all our game start: us on the front foot, we could have scored a couple in the first 10-15 mins. Peti, Fran and Kevin had a few shots.

One of the through balls to Kevin eventually broke the deadlock (pass to Kevin from Giorgio? I think), he rounded the goalie, goalie clearly took him out, Tom Bean scored the penalty (1-0)

Unfortunately, they scored relatively fast after our goal with the only schtick this team head: narrow defending and sending the ball over the top. Tom Bean has handled lots of these balls well, one quick over the top on the left side however left the guy in good position and he lobbed Bence (1-1)

After they scored the goal we had a wobbly 10 mins, they got a soft penalty given against me, which they missed. After that, we settled down again, a brilliant attack (4 pass football from the back to goal), seeing the ball go from defence, to Lewy Turnbull, then to Giorgio who released Francis. He rounded the goalie and scored in the empty net. 2-1.

The second half started on the same note, us controlling the game, passing the ball, creating chances. However, after one of their usual long balls, the ball bounced around in front of our defence, their striker volleyed the ball on the half-turn from outside the box (1 in 100 shots in all likelihood), a surprising shot which flew into the far corner (2-2).

Then a foul by Peti Hegedus during a melee from a corner gave Erőd a penalty, only for goalkeeper Bence to plunge to his left and save the spot-kick.

In the last 30 minutes they hardly crossed the halfway line and we missed some more glorious chances, but towards the end we started losing our legs in the heat and they did some majestic time wasting, using up their 5 subs, but failing to break us down despite their fresh legs.

Overall: well done guys, a positive start with lots of lessons to take from this game, so onwards and upwards for the next!

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