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If you have had experience with legal matters in a foreign country, you know that it can be difficult to get good help! In such cases, the guidance and help of a local lawyer can make a big difference. We would like to recommend you the legal representative of Budapest Celtic FC, Dr. Ádám Jeszenka. Ádám helped us establish our association and acquire the name Budapest Celtic FC. Now, he still assists us in various special or even general legal issues that arise in everyday life of the sport’s club and its members,including but not limited to real estate sales contracts, lease contracts,employment law issues, residence permits, company establishment or modification and compensation law. If you have any legal questions or matters in Hungary, please do not hesitate to contact Ádám on one of the following:

Phone: +36703958422

Website: https://ugyvedjeszenka


Please make sure you mention is at Budapest Celtic to get a friendly rate!

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