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Budapest Celtic Football Club is an adult, amateur football club founded by British and Irish expatriates in 1996. The club is open to anybody from any country and now has six teams, including a veterans' section with multiple teams competing in the Budapest International Football League (BIFL). We often organise 7-10 football events per week at a variety of high-quality, centrally-located venues in Hungary's capital city, Budapest.


The club has three main aims:


1) To nurture a cherished, non-discriminatory environment in which Hungarians and expatriates who enjoy football can broaden their social horizons, while looking after their physical and mental health by virtue of playing the game.


2) As much as possible, to maintain a corinthian-style of fair play and provide the very highest standard of football for those who wish to continue challenging themselves. This includes facing the best amateur opponents from Budapest and elsewhere in Hungary, as well as foreign touring teams.


3) To be of use to Hungarian football by including local footballers in our community to broaden their networks, experience new communication styles and practise foreign languages. We also aim to give local teams the chance to encounter an international style of football and to benefit by experiencing and perhaps even learning from the positive aspects of our play.

If you'd like to get in touch and take part, feel free to contact us here!

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